My “Bucket List”

Here are the things I wanna do before I kick it….

1. Serve God and go into full-time ministry.
2. Go to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game.
3. Go to Italy.
4. Go to England and check out castles.
5. Go to France.
6. Get married. Better yet, elope and get married in Italy.
7. Visit the French Riviera & Monte Carlo.
8. Get a tattoo.
9. Attend Harvard for one semester.
10. Help the people in Africa.
11. Surf Waikiki Beach at night.
12. Live in New York city for half-a-year.
13. Record a CD.
14. Buy my dream car, a ’67 VW Van.
15. Catch an ulua off Christmas Island.
16. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
17. Be in a TV commercial.
18. Go snowboarding.
19. Choose to live an extraordinary life.
20. Change the world!

3 thoughts on “My “Bucket List”

  1. Hey, the next time we need an extra for an HMSA commercial, I’ll sign you up. Can’t promise you a speaking role though. You can at least cross that one off the list.

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