E Komo Mai….

left.jpg center.jpg right.jpg

Welcome to my office! This is what it looks like. I’m housed on the elementary campus at the Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu.

On the left is my desk and an amazing coffee maker that I got from Dean last Christmas. In one cabinet, I store cables & equipment. In the other, I keep a secret stash of snacks. I hide my food from hungry students.

On the far right is my worktable with a PC laptop and a MacBook Pro. I get to use both platforms for my job.

In the middle photo is my window.
I have a view of the elementary parking lot.
If you look closely, you will see a large electrical box with this sign. danger.jpg
Now, I’m not sure if that means “Danger if you climb inside this box,” or “Danger if you’re sitting in your office within 100 feet of this box….”

Oh well. I’m still happy to be here. Come and visit me in Kekelaokalani Room 230.


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