New Highlights!

Goofy picture, I know…. Got my hair highlighted a few weeks ago. I’ve been going to my friend Jen for a long time now. She made me blonde the last time. She calls this color “Nanakuli Red.”

This is the kind of blog post you make when you’re sick at home. I may delete this once I recover and regain my senses….

One thought on “New Highlights!

  1. Ha! That’s awesome, Alan! I can’t wait to see your new hair-do! However, I’m sorry to hear that you are under the weather! I hope you get well quick!
    I’m up late because, oddly enough, I couldn’t sleep. For some reason, I was incredibly hungry. This is the first time during my pregnancy that I’ve gotten up for a late night snack. Even shortly after dinner, I was still hungry. We made protein drinks, still hungry, yet exhausted and amped up at the same time. I think I had too busy of a day. So, I’m trying to lull myself back to sleep now.
    Take care & God bless! Tam

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