Who’s Your Team?

Preface: In Hawai’i, with no ties to professional sports, we arbitrarily pick favorite teams. It amazes (amuses) me to see the level of passion to which my friends root for their teams. Most have never visited the cities of their favorite teams. I dare say, some could not locate those cities on a map, let alone spell them…. And here I am, guilty as well, of arbitrarily picking favorite teams. I have to admit that it’s a whole lotta fun!

Baseball: I love the game. Even more so, I love the history & tradition of baseball. Two teams that endear themselves to me are the Cubs and the Red Sox. This is because of their longstanding histories of World Series futility. The Red Sox have been winning championships recently. Not one to be accused of being a “foul-weather fan,” I’m sticking with the Sox.

Basketball: As a little kid, my favorite player was Dr. J, so I cheered on the 76ers. In high school, I followed the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. Later, like everyone else, I became a Michael Jordan fan. When Jordan retired, I too retired as a fan of the NBA. No, I do not have a favorite basketball team….

Football: Growing up, the Steelers were my team. In high school, I liked Joe Montana and the 49ers. Last year, I declared that my favorite NFL team would be the team that drafted Colt Brennan….

Hockey: Hmm….

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