Got iPhone?

Got mine today! Finally! The all-new, all-cool, iPhone3G!!! It is often imitated, but never duplicated (except in China.) By the way, 3G stands for 3rd Generation mobile technology, and not 3 gigabytes. (The iPhone comes in 8GB & 16GB.) Now I have my phone, camera, iPod, and computer built into one tiny little device.

I picked it up this morning at the AT&T store in the Kam Shopping Center. Now I need to pay my $175 penalty to Verizon for breaking my 2-year contract. But you know what? It is definitely worth it. I may even give Verizon $180 just to show them how happy I am.

In fact, I’ve never met an iPhone owner who wasn’t absolutely happy with it. I can now add myself to that list. The iPhone is simply amazing….

2 thoughts on “Got iPhone?

  1. I am one of the new iphone fans – love it, but wish the battery lasted a little longer and I could figure out how to send britekite photos from my iphone. Enjoy!

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