My New Addiction….

….is n20531316728_630212_3568. I dunno what happened. My account was inactive for a year. I hardly used it. In fact, when they changed to the new layout, I kinda hated it. All of a sudden, friends started adding me. It’s getting popular with the post-college age-group. The best thing for me was hooking up with my mainland relatives. This has added so much value to my life!

What I liked about MySpace was the ability to tweak your page with html. I am finding that you can still do that in facebook if you find the right apps. It’s a whole lotta fun. And yes, it is ADDICTING….

Just ask my nephew Grayson. He said he never gets a chance to go on the computer anymore because his mom is always on facebook.


One thought on “My New Addiction….

  1. I didn’t really understand the value of Facebook either, until all my classmates started showing up on it. It’s like a virtual reunion! Now if only I can convince my `ohana to sign up…

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