My New Year’s Resolution….

Hey! It’s that time of year…. Here is my attempt at writing a New Year’s Resolution. But first, here are Stephen Covey’s 8 tips on making a good one:
1. Think of your resolutions as goals. (They need to be measurable and have deadlines.)
2. Set only 1 or 2 realistic goals. (Three or more would have a diminishing effect.)
3. Write down your goals.
4. Take baby steps. (Break down goals into steps.)
5. Go public. (This blog should do it!)
6. Check your progress. (Keep score.)
7. Reward yourself.
8. If (when) you slip up, recommit.

OK. So here’s my New Year’s Resolution for 2009. Ta-dah….!
1. Surf w/ bruddah n8 & bruddah tim.

That’s it! Huh?? No really, that’s it! If I can go surfing this summer with Nate and Tim, then I would be happy. This would mean that I would have lost enough weight to fit into my surf shorts again. This also means that I would have made a healthy change to my lifestyle. Most of all, surfing is probably my all-time favorite hobby. Getting back into it would be so much fun. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou & Happy 2009! God Bless you guys….

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution….

  1. hey ukucheck I was just at white plains beach on new years eve and I was thinking about you. Name the day and well paddle out.

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