A little R & R….

Small kine….


The Rants:
• A Zippy’s Zip Pac costs $8.10 plus tax. That’s disgusting….
• The University of Hawai’i names their starting quarterback after fall camp. He gets a “tired arm,” and we don’t see him play the rest of the year.
• Traffic! I wake up at 4am now….
• You need a Ph.D. to decipher our middle school’s bell schedule. There are about 7 different schedules w/ 3-6 variations for each. I don’t know if I’m suppose to start at 7:35, 7:44, or 8:11.

The Raves:
• The iPhone’s polishing cloth is simply incredible. You can have a hundred KES students with dirty hands play Air Hockey on your iPhone, and it’s not a problem….
• Physical Plant finally fixed the bathroom vent/fan at work. Chee-hoo! They installed some kind of turbo, “RoboCop” propeller on steroids. It sounds like you’re at the airport, but you feel like you’re in an oxygen tank. Ahhh….
• Reconnecting with friends and family on Facebook. Talk about technology adding value to your life….
• Finally…. God is so good. I am blessed with a great team at work, and I attend a wonderful church. Life is sweet….

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