I Finally Get It….

It always takes me a while, but sooner or later….

I don’t think I’m a geek, but I really enjoy Social Media. My background in tech sometimes helps and oftentimes inhibits…. I like to make things on the web. It’s like I’m playing with toys or something. I try to tweak my sites with html, widgets, and RSS. Here’s what I finally get (and you probably already know this.)

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s all about pictures!

Take Facebook for example. It’s not about the apps in your “boxes” tab. People only care about your pics. People want to view your pics more than anything else (videos, status, what you’re reading, etc.) My Facebook and MySpace have nice layouts and stuff, but they’re pretty much lacking in pics. I have links to my Flickr, but one link is one too many. I’ll try and upload more pics over the weekend…. if i feel like it….

Oh ya. I better post a pic here….


Oh. And comments. People love comments. So hit me back….

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