Technology That Rocks My Socks….

Computers? TVs? iPods? Nope….

This exquisite contraption happens to be a coffee maker…. the Flavia Fusion Drinks Station. Let me tell you why it’s so wonderful. (1.) The coffee is pretty good. My favorites are Hazelnut and Kona Blend. They come is those little packets shown at the bottom of the photo. You buy them online, and they’re delivered to your doorstep. (2.) The cool thing is that this coffee maker is also your personal barista. You can have cocoa, a latte, or a cappuccino. You can even have green tea w/ jasmine. (3.) The best thing for me is that there is no cleanup! No pot to wash, no nothing. Chee-hoo! Just toss the empty packet & your foam cup and voilà!

Got it a couple of Christmases ago from Dean (ETS.) We were going to split the cost of it for the office. He found it on sale and decided to pay for the whole thing as a gift. It has been put to good use! Once in a while, even students will drop by for hot cups of creamy cocoa. Cheers!

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