Why “Britain’s Got Talent” is better than “American Idol”

IMHO, America has hit rock bottom in terms of entertainment & pop culture. We have been relegated to hip-hop, video games, and reality TV. “American Idol” is a reflection of our culture. Contestants (only between the ages of 16-28 years) offer up a weekly dose of processed content. We see the same thing week after week…. year after year….

On the other hand, “Britain’s Got Talent” is willing to celebrate the arts. Susan Boyle sings a song from “Les Misérables,” Julian Smith plays a number from “West Side Story” on his soprano sax, and Hollie Steel steals the show with a tune from “My Fair Lady.”

I believe that we are hungry for more. Unfortunately, the American media (and its advertising dollars) are being dictated by 16-28 year olds…. Auwe!

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