I Have a Dream….

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I heard on ESPN talk radio that BYU had a sports network on digital TV. UH doesn’t, but BYU has a presence here in the islands via CATV. This made me think…. wouldn’t it be great if Kamehameha Schools had a sports network too? Wait a minute! Nowadays, this can be done for free using live streaming on the web using Ustream or Mogulus. Here is the idea….

We can create the “Warrior Sports Network” using Web 2.0 apps at no cost. We would start small (at the middle school.) We could broadcast live sporting events from campus using our Wi-Fi. We could hand-pick a limited schedule of events including football, volleyball, judo, water polo, etc. We could also archive the video events for asynchronous viewing. We could even Twitter broadcast announcements and play-by-play updates. Parents (and especially parents of our boarding students and parents that are currently deployed) would absolutely love this service. This network could be maintained by students through a class, club, or program. We would employ the use of a blog to post photos, articles, and interviews. The purpose of this sports network would be to promote sportsmanship, school spirit, Hawaiian values, and Christian values. Students would develop 21st Century technology and communication skills, as well as leadership and management skills.

Hmm…. Stay tuned for more….

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