Killing Time….

As you may already know, my house in Waikele has been listed for sale. The response has been tremendous. There have been much activity and a lot of private showings. Each time a potential buyer comes to look at the house, I clean it, then leave. Sometimes I need to be out of the house for only an hour or two. Sometimes (Open House for example) I need to be out for more than 4 or 5 hours. It’s great when you have plans. But when you don’t, it can be a downer. Here’s what I’ve been doing when I’ve had nothing to do….


The Borders Bookstore in Waikele is only two blocks away. They have AC, a Starbucks, comfy chairs, and a filthy restroom. What more could you ask for? I’ve been reading like a mad man. I’ve been able to read up to two complete books in a sitting. In fact, I’ve read more this month, than in my entire college career at UH. I even completed reading their section on interior design. Funny thing is that some of the employees have begun to recognize me. “There’s that dude reading up on interior design.” They must think I’m gay or something….

Oh well. At least the girls who work there still smile at me. But sometimes, I just wanna tell ’em, “Hey, I’m moving house. I’m not a mahu….”

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