Alan vs. the Toilet….

Those of you who know me on Facebook are far too familiar with this story….

My toilet in the master bathroom has been fine for the past 12 years. Now that I am selling the house, it decides to “act up.” In fact, it started acting up on the day that the inspector came by. It was reported that the toilet was seeping, due to a deteriorated wax ring.

Fortunately, my friend and co-worker N8 took care of this. Round 1, Alan….
Unfortunately, there was a leak beneath the toilet’s tank.

Here is my Facebook account of what happened…
Alan Tamayose tried plumbing by myself tonight. only had to replace a tiny rubber washer. apparently, the washer was the wrong size. water gushed out and flooded the bathroom floor. in my panic, i slipped, went airborne, landed on my tail bone, and jammed my finger backwards into the floor. other than that, i had a really nice time….”

Round 2, Toilet. “Ouch….”

Then I went to look for the replacement part. I went to Lowe’s Waikele, Home Depot in Pearl City, Ferguson’s Waipahu, Ferguson’s Honolulu, The Plumbing Source, and finally Hawai’i Pacific Plumbing. Nobody had the part. Fortunately, Cy’s (friend and co-worker) brother was a plumber and had the part. He crimped the copper elbow into place, and all was well. Round 3, Alan….

Unfortunately, the nut still leaks. Here’s my latest Facebook post….
“Alan Tamayose darn toilet still leaking. off to lowe’s to buy more parts. too battered & bruised to attempt repair tonight, but should be fully recovered by this weekend. bring it on toilet! bring it on….”

Here’s the bottom line. I wouldn’t feel good if I left any of the repairs for the new owner. I want them to enjoy the house as much as dad and I did. Not matter what, I’ll do what it takes to fix that toilet. Stay tuned. Looks like we’re gonna go into overtime. Bring it on….

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