My Halloween Nightmare….

….actually occurred the day after.


No, I did not get attacked by these Transformers. Here’s what happened….

On Sunday evening at around 8pm, I noticed a wet spot on my living room carpet near the kitchen counter. I thought I spilled something. Anyway, I did what any normal person would do. I smelled it. And then I stepped on the wet spot…. Fortunately, it was clean water. I looked up at the ceiling, then down under my kitchen sink. Everything seemed OK. I tried to towel dry the area. At around 9pm, the wet spot started to grow. I called building security. They came up, looked around, and said to call maintenance in the morning. There was nothing that they could do….

I took Monday off and called the building manager. He came up with the maintenance crew. They couldn’t find anything, so they told me to call the plumbing company that worked on the building. They also told me to call the building’s develper, POSEC to see if they would take care of this. (POSEC never returned my calls. Bad people….) Maintenance vacuumed up most of the water. Finally, a plumber arrived. He checked the pipes & dishwasher and determined that the water was coming from the neighboring unit. The manager got permission to enter the next door unit and found the source. Their refrigerator was leaking. Because the unit was purchased but not yet moved into, it was probably leaking for a while….

Management called in a professional company specializing in flood water removal. They set up an industrial blower and two industrial dehumidifiers in my living room. The noise was incredible! Even with my bedroom door closed, it was like sleeping (actually being awake) on an airport runway. They left the hot blowers on until Thursday morning. My poor air plant shriveled up and died.

Fortunately, everything is OK now. Well, except for the plant….

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