“My Best Christmas….”

….was what my sponsored child wrote in her letter. “Because of you, this was my best Christmas ever. I got a new school bag, art supplies, and a new sweater. Thank you Mr. Alan.”

I had “chicken skin” as I re-read the letter over and over. This was the first time that anyone had ever said that they had the best “anything” because of me. What a blessing….

But as I thought about it, it suddenly occurred to me. And my joy quickly turned into sorrow. A school bag and a jacket are basic things that every girl should have. We simply take it for granted. If a daughter needed a sweater, her parents would go to the store to pick one up. But for this girl in the Philippines, it can only happen on her “best Christmas.”

I received that letter a few years ago, and it has been my prayer that each year would bring her her “best Christmas” ever. Unfortunately, her village was recently hit hard by two typhoons. I pray that she and her family are all right. I pray that she is safe. And I pray that she is happy.

Then this would be my “best Christmas….”

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