A Little R & R….


Just wanted to get this out before the end of the year….

1. iTunes raised their prices from 99¢ to $1.29. They’re punishing the few honest people who actually purchase their music….
2. Everything I order for my condo takes 6-8 weeks. Check that. My lamp from SoHa never arrived….
3. The male athlete of the year cheated on his wife, and the female athlete of the year threatened the life of an official w/ a tennis ball….
4. Every time I call for tech support, I get Rajah from Pakistan. He transfers my call, but I swear it’s still him trying to disguise his voice.
5. Somebody at school is still turning off the fan in the men’s restroom….

1. Red Baron’s microwaveable French Bread pizza is the bomb. Gotta have some in my freezer.
2. Hate to admit this, but Nigahiga’s Skitzo videos are hilarious.
3. Starbucks VIA instant coffee tastes as good as the coffee you get at the shop. Get the Italian Roast….
4. Living at 909 is great. The location is sweet! My commute is shorter, and my day is an hour longer.
5. Being with friends & family over the holidays is so nice….

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