Orange Dream….

At school, a new popular fundraiser is Jamba Juice. The club adviser (or coach) calls Jamba, and they quickly send down an employee with a rolling freezer filled with pre-made Jamba Juices. Jamba gets their cut, we get ours. Everybody’s happy. There’s no fuss, no mess, and no stress….

Back in the day, we used to hold car washes and huli-huli chicken sales. We learned about hard work, teamwork, and how to spend money wisely (each hard-earned penny was a token of our blood, sweat, and tears.)

Now, we have privatized fundraising.

Soon, we will privatize community service. Maybe at our next beach clean-up, we can outsource. This way we’ll have more time for lunch.

Orange Dream? Energy Boost? Hmm….

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