Ono Kine Grinds….

I’m updating last year’s list of my top 10 favorite places to eat near campus.

Koi is my new favorite lunch place near campus. The food is excellent, truly restaurant quality. I would compare it to a Kaka’ako Kitchen. The drawback is the parking, but all of the good eateries in Kalihi seem to have no parking. Here’s my new list….

1. Koi

2. Ethel’s Grill — a local mom & pop’s kinda place.

3. Helena’s — amazing pipikaula short ribs.

4. Kahai Street Kitchen — another place for great home cooked dishes.

5. Kikuya Restaurant — nice sushi bar.

6. Uncle’s — great seafood specials.

7. Pongo’s Kitchen — the best sesame chicken (or any kind of chicken dish) in town.

8. Golden City Restaurant — the best Chinese dinner plate that I’ve ever had.

9. Matsumoto’s Okazuya — across from Gulick Delicatessen. Ono chow fun & fried chicken.

10. ‘Akahi — gotta have our high school’s cafeteria on the list. Homestyle chicken & the Hawaiian plate! Mmm…. so good.

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