The Perfect Game….

With the recent overtime rule change in the NFL, I began to reflect on all of the sports that I enjoy so much. I then realized that they are all flawed. I mean, we don’t even question how absurd some of the rules are. Here’s what I mean….

In the NFL, they used to have “sudden death” overtime (first to score.) This meant that if you had a decent kicker and you won the coin toss, you won the game. The new rule states that if you score a touchdown you win, but if you kick a field goal, the other team gets the ball. In college, they play alternating possessions from the 25 yard line. That’s kinda strange….

Watching the NCAA tournament game between Duke and Baylor, I was reminded that most basketball games turn into free throw shooting contests during the last minute with all of the intentional fouling. That’s no fun….

In soccer, you play two grueling 45 minute regulation periods. In overtime, the game is transformed into a bizarre shootout of penalty kicks. I believe that ice hockey matches can end in ties. Even in volleyball, game 5 changes from a 25 point game into a 15 point game.

If you forget to sign your scorecard in golf, you get DQed. (Golf has the weirdest rules. Ask Michelle Wie….)

I’m so looking forward to baseball’s opening day on April 4th. In baseball, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. Now that sounds sweet to me….

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