Popcorn & Mochi Crunch….

Not a big fan of animated feature films….

But I gotta admit, “Toy Story 3” and “How to Train Your Dragon” were the two best movies I’ve seen so far this year. (“Prince of Persia” was OK, but “Iron Man 2” was a dud.) I can’t even remember what other movies I’ve watched….

My recent favs are “Rudy,” “Die Hard,” “A Walk to Remember,” and “The Hangover.”

But my all-time favorites will always be those old black & white classics like “Casablanca,” those old Gene Kelly movies, those old Audrey Hepburn movies, and of course, “The Sound of Music.” The latest technology will never be able to deliver the same kind of magic as those movies from the Golden Era….

That being said, go see “Toy Story 3.”

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