Addicted to YouTube….

Haha. Yes, I’m a YouTube junkie. There’s just amazing content on YouTube. It’s very “organic.” YouTube is a window to the world, and right now, my primary way of learning new things. It’s also a lotta fun. I enjoy watching the sports highlights from around the world, listening to the music of Gabe Bondoc, and cracking up at the vlogs of KevJumba.

YouTube has given people the opportunity to express themselves. It has also given audiences the access to amazing, new talent. IMHO (in my humble opinion,) the most talented person on YouTube is Victor Kim. He can sing & dance, and play the ukulele, guitar, & drums. He may not be the best at one thing (with the exception of dancing,) but he is pretty darn good at a lot of things.

Here he is dancing….

Here he is singing….

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