Book ’em Danno….

I really like this show! Haven’t had a favorite TV show since “Taxi.” I watch ESPN SportsCenter and No Reservations w/ Anthony Bourdain, but this is my fave. I think it’s well-made, and I like the local references. (I admit that I probably wouldn’t watch it if it were filmed in L.A.) But it’s not, and I haven’t missed an episode so far.

Here are some scenes / cameo appearances that I hope to see in the future:
Jack Johnson playing in a bar in Hale’iwa.
Somebody eating a spam musubi….
Jake Shimabukuro strumming his uke on the beach.
A U.H. sporting event.
A cookout on the sandbar in Kāneʻohe Bay.
Kono training with B.J. Penn.
Me, as an extra….

….or perhaps as Kono’s love interest? Hmm….

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