Summer Reads….

(….in addition to the Bible.)

This summer, I actually have specific purposes to read:
1. For my personal professional development, my topic of study will be on “schools of the future.” I will read up on school reform (or “new forms” as opposed to “reform,”) mobile technologies, cloud computing, social media, and new innovative learning spaces. Most of this reading will be on blogs.
2. I will also be looking up information on Spain and Italy, in preparation for my trip next Spring. So excited….

I have also selected two books:

“The Pound for Pound Principle” is the first book written by my pastor. It chronicles his life, as well as the history of Hope Chapel West O’ahu. It pulls much from the Parable of Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30.

This second book I actually picked up last year, but never got around to reading it. It has been recently updated, and is now on the NY Times best-sellers list.

Time for a hot pot of coffee. Cheers….

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