Lost Wages?

No, just lost.

I recently attended the Blackboard conference, BBWorld 2011 in Las Vegas. I am once again grateful to the Kamehameha Schools for the opportunity. No, I did not gamble a single penny. I’m too poor (and I did the math.) I could only “lose money.”

I did however, get lost a few times. This is a story about my poor sense of direction….

Two weeks ago, I got lost in Philadelphia. I walked over to the convention center from the Reading Terminal Market and ended up in China Town. How is this bad you ask? Well, the two places are in the same building.

In Vegas, I got lost indoors on a number of occasions. The casinos all look alike to me….like mazes. Here, even Google Maps and Google Earth couldn’t save me. Believe me, it is quite embarrassing to be asking for directions on the final day of a conference.

So yes. I lost my whereabouts. I lost my pride. I even “lost face.” But no lost wages. After all, what doesn’t happen in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas….

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