Popcorn & Mochi Crunch….

Summer is about the sun, the surf…. and popcorn & mochi crunch. Yes, summer is all about blockbuster movies. Went to three movies this summer. Not to sound like a dork, but all three were Marvel super hero movies. I saw Thor, X-Men, & Captain America. Not to sound more like a dork, but all three were really good.

That’s saying a lot, because Marvel has put out some pretty awful movies. The Fantastic 4, Hulk, Daredevil, and Iron Man 2 were pretty rotten-lousy. I don’t know what made the difference, but this summer’s films were all pretty good. Captain America was especially good. I believe that after the Fantastic 4 debacle, Marvel realized that 90 minutes was too short to develop four characters. In preparation for the Avengers, Marvel put out individual movies to take care of that. Now we’re all set for the real deal, The Avengers in 2012. I can hardly wait….

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