Cool Find….

Just picked up an end table. Didn’t really mean to. I was on my way to Fresh Café to do some research for my summer professional development. For some reason, I decided to turn left on Queen Street to check out Worldwide Furnishings. Guess I just wanted to explore the neighborhood. Then I saw this cool Chinese style end table / cabinet. I was looking for something like this to store books and serve as a laptop charging station (been recharging it on the kitchen counter.)

The problem was that it had a price tag of $375. That was the deal breaker. But in this economy, I figured that furniture stores would be flexible on price. I wondered if they would go down to $275-250 (which would still be too much.) No harm in asking. The lady said that I could have it for $175. I decided to get it, and returned with my truck.

So here it is in my living room. In a way, I feel bad to have made a such “big” purchase when money is so tight. At the same time, I was able to get a good deal, support the local economy, and find something that’s stylish & functional. Either way, it’s cool when you can find something like this in your own “backyard.”

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