Lunch Break….

(Photo courtesy of cyrus79.)

Each year, I blog about my favorite eateries that are close in proximity to the Kamehameha Schools campus.

Here are my favorites for 2009.

Here are my faves for 2010.

Here is my new list for 2011….
1. Helena’s. Can’t beat their short ribs pipikaula. We believe that the secret ingredient is the cook’s hair gel that rubs against the hanging meat….

2. Ethel’s Grill. Mom & pop’s. Hamburger steak has ground pork mixed w/ the ground beef. Ahh….

3. Lion’s Coffee Café. Great coffee, inexpensive sandwiches, & free wi-fi. Perfect.

4. Koi Catering. Bigger & better….

5. Kikuya Restaurant. Sushi, teishoku, udon. Mmm so good….

6. Natsunoya Tea House. Now serving bento & plate lunches to go.

7. Matsumoto’s Okazuya. (Not to be confused with the shaved ice stand in Hale’iwa.) Ono fried chicken & chow fun.

8. Alicia’s Market. Poke & crispy roast pork. Yummy in my tummy….

9. Mix Plate Café. The best pho in the area. (Where Spot’s Inn used to be.)

10. ‘Akahi. Kamehameha’s cafeteria. Still so awesome.

Click on the Yelp logo to check out some of my other reviews….

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