What a Day….

Haha. I feel like a senior citizen. I’m walking more, and I go to these free community events in my neighborhood. Yes, I’m turning into a senior citizen….

Still, it’s kinda cool. There were hula & taiko drum performances, food & craft booths, and woodcraft demonstrations by local artists.

Even Two Ladies Kitchen flew in from Hilo to sell mochi. Ward Warehouse was transformed into a cultural festival. I had a tray of fresh ahi poke for lunch. Mmm, so good.

But here’s the crazy part….

I decided to take the Antique Fire Truck Ride through Kaka’ako. I guess I misread the description. I thought it would be an informative tour of historic Kaka’ako. So I bought a ticket. Later, I found myself on board sandwiched between families with young children…. and senior citizens. They passed out bells to each one of us. Every time the fireman rang his bell or blew his siren, we had to ring our bells.

It was embarrassing and humiliating. Man, what a day….

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