Hawai’i Tech Slam

Our Education Technology Services Team flew up to the Hawai’i Campus for the first Tech Slam of the year. It was a huge success, thanks to the coordination of Ellen and the leadership of Darrin and Mimi. It was a tremendous day. Click on the link to learn more.

I was able to give a presentation in one of the breakout sessions. It was nice to partner with our Distance Learning Team. It was especially nice to reconnect with Mark Standley, who is a great friend and mentor.

Looking forward to our next slam at the Maui Campus in October….

One thought on “Hawai’i Tech Slam

  1. Aloha Alan,

    Mahalo for your support and awesome presentation. There was a lot of buzz about it :). Can’t wait for Maui!


    PS – One Voice is definitely a must see. I LOVED it!

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