The Prodigy

Hawai’i’s BJ Penn is still regarded as one of the best MMA fighters in the world. He is the former UFC champion in two different weight classes. He is also a former World Jiu Jitsu Champion.

However, he is not considered as one of the elite fighters anymore. I believe that this is due to his record of 16-7-2. Here is my argument why I believe that he is the best….

Yes, he does have 2 draws. “It is was it is.” One was against the #1 contender. The other was against an opponent that he previously KO’d in 11 seconds.

He has 7 losses. He lost twice to GSP and twice to Frankie Edgar. I thought he won the first fight against GSP. GSP had to stay overnight in the hospital for observation. I believe that Penn got robbed in the first fight with Edgar. I thought he won 3 or 4 of the rounds. In his second loss to GSP, Penn took a pounding. However, GSP was discovered on replay to have had Vaseline applied to his shoulders and back. This “greasing” violation should have resulted in a 1-year suspension. Penn should be 19-4.

In his three remaining losses, one was to Lyota Machida (former UFC light-heavy weight champion) who weighed in at 220 lbs. This decision could easily be dismissed as an “exhibition.” In his two remaining losses, one was to Matt Hughes. Penn didn’t even train and nearly pulled it off. In the rematch, Penn destroyed Hughes in 23 seconds. Penn’s very first loss was in his 4th pro bout to Jens Pulver. In the rematch, Penn won easily. Penn’s record is deceiving and much more impressive than it appears to be. Penn is also the only MMA fighter who doesn’t use steroids.

But the other criticism against Penn is that he is not a very hard worker. No argument here….

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