TEDx Honolulu

Attended TEDx Honolulu today at the Cupola Theater in the Honolulu Design Center. It was an amazing conference. I was very fortunate and blessed to have had this opportunity. The presenters were inspiring, and the organizers put on a great event!

We got front row seats, breakfast, lunch (at the Stage Restaurant,) dinner, a TEDx t-shirt, a Sig Zane bag, and a Jake Shimabukuro CD. (All this for just $30.) Oh yah, the conference was great, and I met a lot of nice people at lunch. Made a friend from Norway. I even got to meet Sig Zane, and he thanked me for wearing one of his aloha shirts to the event.

All of the speakers were outstanding including the emcee Ka’ala Souza. Topics included astronomy, culture, education, marine biology, medicine, sustainability, and the arts, all centering around the theme of “It’s About Time…” Edgy Lee coined the term “indigenous wisdom” in her talk. Vivian Best shared her project on collecting fresh produce for the hungry. Here’s a link to some of my notes on my edublog.  I was especially drawn to the artists/performers. Jason Tom is a beatbox artist, Kealoha Wong a slam poet, and of course, Jake Shimabukuro is an ukulele virtuoso.

I was able to talk story with Jake before his performance. I thanked him for being my ukulele teacher way back when he had his studio in Hawai’i Kai. He inspired me then, and he most certainly inspired me today.

“It’s About Time…” It really was about an amazing time….

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