Deck the Halls….

I love Christmas. Let me qualify that statement. I love the real Christmas. Jesus. Everything else, not so much….

This is not to say that I wouldn’t want to experience a white Christmas with some eggnog and Michael Bublé singing carols in the background. It just seems that Christmas is hard work now-a-days. I do enjoy getting together with friends and seeing the Christmas lights at Honolulu Hale. But the shopping, parking, wrapping, traffic, rude people, etc….? Bah, humbug.

A lot of people relish this time of year. They decorate their trees, put on the Christmas music, and bust out the gift wrapping paper, bows & ribbons. I on the other hand, bust out the cello bags, a sharpie, and a stapler (see image above.)

There are two things that I watch each year that get me into the “Christmas spirit.” I watch Home Alone (the first one) and this….

Luke 2:8-14

Merry Christmas.

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