Honolulu Festival

Walked over to the Honolulu Festival this morning. It was held at the Convention Center, about 1.5 miles away according to Google Maps. It was free, and I had a nice time. Entertainment was ongoing. There were cultural performances, an indoor Bon Dance, crafts, games, and exhibits.

The Bo-Hyun Dance Group was very impressive. They gave a powerful and precise drumming performance.

There were a lot of booths, art exhibits, and vendors. I saw an origami table and a robotics demonstration. I was only disappointed that there weren’t that many food booths. I expected to see all kinds of different foods and cooking demonstrations. I did sample a nice cup of 100% Kona coffee.

There was even a Cosplay Café where people could dress up and have their picture taken. No, I didn’t dress up….
Still, it was a fun way to spend the morning. Looking forward to Sunday evening’s fireworks display (Nagaoka Hanabi.)

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