Kony 2012?

Kony 2012 is one of the greatest social media campaigns in history. The accompanying YouTube video is now the most successful viral video of all time.

However, we are now awaiting “official” word on whether this has been a scam. The atrocities of war criminal Joseph Kony are well documented and are not in question. This story is more about the Invisible Children non-profit organization than it is about Kony. This campaign has been a phenomenon.

I believe the main point in all of this is that young people from around the world are hungry to rally around a good cause. Students have been purchasing kits and forming Kony 2012 clubs at their schools. What we need is discernment, because this will no doubt happen again.

Let’s launch the “Phony 2012” campaign to promote awareness and digital literacy. Now that’s one thing we can all agree on….

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