Kaka’ako Waterfront Park

Went for my weekly walk on this Memorial Day. Walked up Ward Avenue past the Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant and the Children’s Discovery Center, and reached the park in no time flat. Waterfront Park is really nice, but is not as popular as when it first opened.

It has a jogging path, nice picnic areas, and nice fishing spots.

This is the amphitheater where they have some of those reggae concerts.

Of course, the main feature of the park is the view. If you walk out to the point, you have a nice view of Diamond Head and the surf spot “Kewalos.”

I had a nice “walk in the park” this morning.

Afterword: I walked over to the John Burns School of Medicine because, I heard that they have a great café there. Unfortunately, it was closed today. This seems to be a recurring theme now….

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