It’s Greek to Me….

After the GE repair guy came by today (dishwasher recall,) I walked over to the Greek Festival of Honolulu. It’s a pretty great event. This was only my 2nd time.

It’s held in the McCoy Pavilion at the Ala Moana Beach Park. It is the perfect venue for an event such as this. Today was a warm, sunny day, and it was packed!

Of course I had to have a gyro. It was so ono. I washed it down with an ice cold Mythos.

Inside the auditorium, I saw a delightful folk dance.

I also watched a stunning travel video on the Greek Islands.

Those incredible monasteries truly amazed me. I would love to visit!

Before leaving, I sampled the lukaniko sausage from the souvlaki stand. It was really good too! Spicy, savory, and slightly sweet.

Had a great time at the Greek Fest. Hope to visit Greece someday. For now, I’ll just enjoy this event to the fullest. Opa!

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