Equip & Inspire

Attended the E&I Conference this past weekend. Had an amazing time! What’s cool is the number of different churches throughout O’ahu joining together to participate and fellowship.

It was hosted by my home church, Hope Chapel West O’ahu in Waikele.

The worship was passionate, and the teaching was excellent. I was especially inspired by Steve Kelly‘s sermon on “Resisting Smallness” and Steve Murrell‘s sermon on “Even If….”

I was privileged to have worked the Compassion booth. There were 22 children who were sponsored at this conference.

Another highlight for me was driving the HCWO van for the first time. The regular driver was running late, so I was asked to pick up some of the volunteers who parked at the elementary school. Of course, I didn’t know how to open the door….

Blessed to have served at E&I 2012. Looking forward to next year!

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