Maui Tech Slam

Our KS EdTech Team was blessed to take part in today’s Maui Campus Technology Slam. Woke up before the crack of dawn to catch our flight. Here’s the view on Haleakala Highway headed upcountry.

The Maui campus is beautiful. Click here to take the virtual tour.

Our keynote speaker was David Warlick. He is one of my very favorite presenters in the field of education technology. I first saw him at ISTE in New Orleans. He is the authority on PLNs (Personal Learning Networks.) So it was quite the shock when he walked in on my breakout session on PLNs.

So I unleashed my Superman outfit and did my best. Haha….

Our teammates on Maui did an outstanding job of planning and coordinating. It was a huge success!

It’s a blessing to serve on such an extraordinary team. Imua.

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