Chow Fun?

I love chow fun (noodles.) But this year’s UH football season? Not so much….

Now I love UH football! I bleed green & white. It was part of my childhood. I remember running onto the field at the old Honolulu Stadium (a.k.a. the “Termite Palace”) and collecting chin straps as souvenirs from UH players. I remember guys like Larry Sherrer, Levi Stanley, and Alex Kaloi. Back in college, it was the Noga brothers and Gary Allen. “Let’s-Go-Bows!”

We are currently 1-7 with Boise State coming up. Not good. I’m sure that we’ll be back next year, but for now…. tears.

Do you remember? Just 5 years ago, we were undefeated, conference champs, and BCS Bowl bound. The sun shined brighter, traffic was lighter, and the poke tasted “more fresh.”

Now that was fun….

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