Blessed to be a Blessing (and Blessed to be Blessed)

It is such a “God thing.” When you go out to bless someone, God blesses you as much (if not more) than the person you were helping. Never have I experienced someone who was so thankful for my help…. to the point of tears.

Our MiniChurch care group was asked to visit Queen’s Medical Center to pray for a family whose son was in a serious accident. He was in the ICU.

A few weeks later, we were contacted by the mother. The family had just received an iPod Speaker Dock. It was her desire to play worship music in her son’s hospital room. Unfortunately, the only tech savvy person in her family is her son. I understand that for some people, being technologically challenged goes beyond embarrassment. There is a degree of fear and helplessness.

When God sends you, He will always equip you. In this case, it was overkill. I’m an EdTech Specialist at the Kamehameha Schools. I’m also kinda proficient with iPhones and iTunes. Secondly, I used to serve on a worship team and have an extensive collection of worship music.

I visited the mom on a Sunday afternoon. The room was freezing cold, and I noticed that there were old birthday balloons in the room. The mother teared up when telling me about her son’s birthday.

I took out my laptop. Everything just fell into place in a matter of minutes. I was able to teach her how to use iTunes on her iPhone. Then the music filled the room. It was “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin. It was a “chicken skin” moment. The mood of the room was transformed. I felt uplifted. Even the nurse said, “Wow, that’s so nice.” The mom started crying. I know that the music will bring healing to the son and bring blessing to the entire family. It totally uplifted my spirits.

I prayed with the mother with the music playing in the background. She was overwhelmingly thankful. She kept thanking God and thanking me. She then grabbed her purse and started pulling out money. I said, “No way.” I told her that I had asked my MiniChurch to pray for me, that I could be a missionary everyday and not just during mission trips. I told her that she was an answered prayer for me.

She kept insisting. I told her that I didn’t need it, and that she could give it away to the needy. Finally, I said she could get a birthday present for her son, and to tell him it’s from me. She hugged me and sent me off with many thanks & blessings.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

– John 13:34-35

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