New Year’s Resolution, Hana Hou….

Yup, this New Year’s resolution is the same as the previous four (translation: fail.) Guess it’s soooo good, it deserves another hana hou (encore.) So here it is…. with a board

Instead of worrying about losing a specific amount of weight or getting into shape (a pear is a shape too,) I will just focus on living a more active lifestyle. I would like to swim, surf, hike, (and cook) regularly this year. After all, I live in Hawai’i. I should be at the beach or out-and-about. I live just a minute away from Ala Mo’s. So instead of recording poundage, I wanna monitor my weekly activity and fun. Yes, this is my resolution.

Gotta dust off my board. Looking forward to a healthy and happy 2013. Wishing you the same. God Bless!

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