Ringing In the New Year With a Bang


So blessed to spend each NYE with great friends. We celebrate with good food, good conversation, and fireworks (it’s a Hawai’i custom.)

The night begins with a conversation with my niece. I am encouraging her to explore her creativity through songwriting, photography, and storytelling. I explain that we can find inspiration from life’s “moments.”


It’s midnight, and my friend is about to light a long roll of firecrackers. Unfortunately, the popping stops short of the “bomb” at the top of the string. Being a good guest, I eagerly volunteer to reignite the tiny fuse to the firecracker bomb.


Here is the sequence of events to the best of my knowledge. I relit the fuse, burned my finger, screamed like a girl, stubbed two toes, then ate the pavement. I felt like Junior dos Santos as I was helped up by first responders.


The night ends by being pieced back together in the kitchen. I tell my niece, “Remember what I said about those moments? I take that back….”

Wishing you all a safe & happy Twenty Thirteen! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou….

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