Neighborhood Café

I’m fortunate to have an awesome café in my neighborhood. Fresh Café in Kaka’ako is one of my very favorite places.

First off, the food is amazing! Here’s a breakfast sand on an Everything Bagel with a cup of 100% Kona Coffee. Had this while coworking. I built my social media course website from this place. My fave lunch is the Turkey Pesto Melt & a side Ginger Wasabi Chicken Salad with Pikake Ice Tea.

But I truly appreciate the events here. There are concerts, poetry slams, TEDx events, the Pow Wow street art event, and the Art & Flea market. Got that creative vibe happening here.

Scored a real puka shell necklace at their weekend garage sale for $2. Crazy.

Even got to see David Choi in concert at the adjoining Loft in Space.

Fresh Café is an important player in the revitalization of Kakaka’ako. Come and be inspired….

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