Why I Blog: Part III

Please see Part I and Part II from a few of years back….

At this morning’s EdTech meeting, we were asked an interesting question: “What is your favorite social media tool?” At first I dismissed the question. How can you say which limb is your favorite? I like ’em all.

One-by-one, each person began to share. The three most common answers were Facebook for connecting with loved ones, Twitter for professional development, and YouTube for entertainment and for fixing toilets (inside joke….)

I said that I was a blogger. Then I gave a lighthearted answer of “wanting to post pics of the food I eat.”
Later at home, I gave it more thought. I had never thought about this before, because I view social media holistically.

I do enjoy connecting, collaborating, and curating, etc. But most of all, I love creating. My passion is storytelling, and blogging allows me to do so. For me, blogging is more than a “social media tool.” It really is a part of who I am….

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