Foodie Rules

As a self-proclaimed foodie, here is my opinionated philosophy of dining.

1. Be adventurous. Try something different….
2. Order the specialty. (Don’t get the chicken at a steak house.)
3. Eat in. Don’t take out. Experience the ambiance of the shop and have it fresh.
4. Ribeye or bust.
5. Cash only, sticky menus, and lousy parking are all good signs.

1. It’s a sin to brake the yolk (unless you’re baking a cake.)
2. Ketchup was invented to cover up bad food. Toss it out and eat better.
3. Never ever eat at your hotel when traveling. Go explore!
4. If I didn’t have to blow on my last slurp of ramen, I ate too slow….
5. Never disqualify any kind of food (i.e., “I don’t like spicy” or “I don’t eat veggies.”) Food is awesome.

Not an expert by any means. Just passionate.
Any (and every) food is a blessing….

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