Three Rs

Reuse, reduce, recycle? Actually, three other words have greatly impacted my life in this decade.

After losing dad, it was time to start anew.

The biggest change was moving from Waikele to Kaka’ako. It was a great move for me. Being in town (and not having to do yardwork anymore) has upped my Quality of Life Index. I love the location of being near to Ala Moana Beach and Chinatown.

Travel has become a passion. I have been blessed with opportunities to visit Australia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Philippines, China, and France.

I have also moved up to the high school campus at Kamehameha, and have switched to the city location at Inspire Church.

I first learned the term “a reimagination” (remix) back in 2011 while watching a YouTube video by Gabe Bondoc. I quickly adopted it as my personal mantra. It became a new way of thinking for me. I was inspired to rename all of my EdTech presentations to “Re-Imagine.”

I was able to present these ideas in 2013 at the RDFZ Xishan International Summit in Beijing, China. Crazy.

This also led me on a path to reimagine my life. For example, I moved away from New Year’s Resolutions (incremental) to a Bucket List (transformational.)

I was able to meet my Compassion sponsored child in the Philippines. I now believe that anything is possible.

….is the name of our Chinatown Outreach Ministry at Inspire Church. We have been able to bless the homeless people who live in the park next door. In turn, our team has been blessed as well.

For me, it has also been an “inreach” ministry. It has revived my faith, and I have grown so much.

Revive comes from the Latin roots re-, meaning “again,” and vivere, meaning “to live.” So, the word revive means “live again.”

Restart | Reimagine | Revive

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