Went to an all-day ITD meeting today. One of the sessions was about finding your “piko,” or “center,” or “sense of place.” We all created these circle maps. Mine was the only one that included a place & time.

After thinking about it, I realized that I included the time because this “place” does not exist anymore. And that’s what makes my my childhood so special to me….

Growing up in McCully in the 70s was amazing. I remember the Hawai’i Islanders, Bowl-O-Drome, the manapua man, McCully Chop Suey, Kikaida, my Schwinn Stingray (with the banana seat,) J. Aku Head Pupule, carnivals, and my friends’ pretty sisters.

Seems – like – yesterday….

And seems like it was just – a – dream….

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