Machu Picchu Bound….

It’s official! I’ll be going to Peru in the spring of 2016! Cheehoo! This is a dream-come-true and a bucket list item. I’ll be going as a chaperone for our high school’s EF Tour. (Here’s a link to the website that I set up for the students & parents.)

And here I am after receiving confirmation. #blessed

After hearing about the trip, I scheduled an appointment with my financial advisor to see if I could somehow afford this. It was my original intention to pay as a tour participant. After learning that this was not happening, I accepted the situation. It just wasn’t meant to be. (Not willing to sacrifice supporting ministries or missions.)

Weeks later, I learned from the lead teacher that I would be able to go for free as a chaperone if 4 more students signed up for the trip. That was highly improbable, but “nothing’s impossible.” In just one week, 5 more signed up. I believe that this was indeed a blessing from God.

At today’s Peru trip meeting, I was reunited with some of my former middle school students. They were excited to hear the announcement. And I was incredibly thankful.
Muchas gracias….

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