“My Funny Valentine”

Every year I get a Valentine’s gift for that special someone. Unfortunately, that special someone has always been me. (Or perhaps fortunately…?) One year it was luggage, another year it was a longboard skateboard. It’s become a tradition. This year, money is tight. So that’s why I’m re-gifting something to myself.

This is my 1970 Martin D-28. I’ve been playing guitar on and off (mostly off) for the past bunch of years. I did have a gig in 2015, but that’s the only time I’ve picked it up since moving to town in 2009.

This spring, I’m blessed to be traveling with the Kamehameha Schools Children’s Chorus to New Zealand as a chaperone. I will also be accompanying them on guitar. I will do my absolute best.

And now I’m beginning to rediscover the passion that I once had. Pretty good gift if I say so myself…

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